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Granite is one of the most durable and luxurious landscaping stones in the world. As the stone of choice by architects, designers and artists, its combination of natural beauty and ability to adapt to a diversity of uses makes granite the best choice for driveways, paths, walkways and other high-traffic areas.

Ancient European masons were trained in the art of laying overlapping arcs and other intricate patterns. The SOLI Landsurfaces pre-assembled modular paving system has made these timeless designs available for easy installation. Individual cobblestones are mounted onto a heavy-duty mesh backing for a hand-placed look.

Loose Cobblestones available by Special Order.

Fan Size: 14.2" x 28.7"
Fan Thickness: 1"
Interior/Exterior, Floors, Pedestrian/Vehicular Loads
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Granite Pre-Assembled Paver Patterns Anise Black Fan   Granite Pre-Assembled Paver Patterns Salt & Pepper Fan   Granite Pre-Assembled Paver Patterns Sesame Black Fan        
pixel Anise Black Fan   pixel Salt & Pepper Fan   pixel Sesame Black Fan            
Granite - Pre-Assembled Paver Patterns
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